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Engaging Internationally at Camp Piankatank

Article by Steve Gourley. 

A number of years ago, a gentleman emailed me from South Korea about the possibility of sending his daughter to Camp Piankatank. After communicating back and forth several times, we eventually worked it out so she could come to camp for a couple of weeks. Myungsu always said that he wanted to get more Korean students to come, but it was difficult and presented many challenges.

In 2015 Myungsu called me to talk about the possibility of his daughter coming to Piankatank as a summer missionary, and he also inquired about sending up to five campers for a couple of weeks. This went so well that he wanted to send another summer missionary in 2016, so he sent one in addition to 10 campers for two weeks.

In 2017 we had four summer missionaries from South Korea (because it works well when students can travel along with people they know) and 14 campers. The experience has been so positive for both us and them that this summer we are looking forward to having four summer missionaries again, and this time they are bringing 20 or more campers!

Because of this relationship with South Koreans, we have also been contacted by two other organizations that work with Chinese students. They want to send their campers here as well. We are thrilled that our campers get to have a cross-cultural experience right here in their own backyard.

In an effort to continue building these relationships, I recently contacted the ESL Director as Christchurch School here in Urbanna. He was very excited to write a curriculum for us to help our international campers get a little bit of extra training. We are so excited to see how much more God is going to be growing our camp, both locally and internationally.

Prayer: We pray for all of the campers and staff members at Camp Piankatank as they share the Good News of Jesus this summer. Please keep the campers safe as they travel across Virginia – and the world – and keep them safe while having fun at camp. Amen.

Steven GourleySteve Gourley is Director of Camp Piankatank, which was purchased by the BGAV in 1960.

For more information, visit CampPiankatank.com.