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Church Finance Course of Study

The Church Finance Course of Study is for church staff and lay leaders to develop skills and gain a foundational understanding of all aspects of local church financial practice. The course is designed for all who need to better understand and engage in the financial life of the church, such as:

· members of finance committees

· church treasurers

· financial administrators

· church staff

The Church Finance Course of Study consists of 6 classes designed to give the student a foundational understanding of all aspects of local church financial practice. Participants may complete the Course of Study in one year, or take classes as they are able – classes do not have to be taken in order, and they may take individual classes even if they are not planning to complete the entire Course of Study. Those who complete all 6 courses within 3 years will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course of study is offered as part of the BGAV Ministry Equipping Network.


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Courses Offered:

The Bible and Church Finances and The Church as A Legal Entity

This class explores the biblical principles that apply to the financial ministry of the church. In addition, the course addresses the legal status of the church and the IRS view of the church.

State and Federal Tax Reporting Requirements

This class covers the church’s responsibilities related to tax reporting on all levels.

The Role of The Church Treasurer, Giving, Spending, and Saving

This class covers the role and work of the church treasurer, the handling of contributions, ways gifts can be made to the church, and all aspects of the church budgeting process.

Managing Your Financial Records

This class covers the church’s accounting practices, financial recordkeeping, and financial reporting responsibilities.

Financial Support of Church Staff

This class covers all aspects of financial support planning for church employees including personal income, minister’s housing, and benefit plans, including insurance and retirement.

Managing Legal and Financial Risks

This class covers the management of the church’s legal and financial risks to prevent the church and its officers, employees, and members from liability resulting in both corporate and individual financial loss.

Scholarship Assistance Available:

BGAV Non-traditional Ministry Education Scholarships assist BGAV church leaders in accessing training and continuing education opportunities provided by the Baptist General Association of Virginia and its ministry partners. These scholarships are intended to assist non-traditional students, who are defined as: part-time students who are in non-degree programs of study with an emphasis in continuing education for ministry in the local church. Clergy and lay leaders who have a financial need and are active members, for at least the past year, of a cooperating church of the BGAV may apply for a scholarship for up to one-third the cost of an educational offering sponsored by the BGAV or a ministry partner, with a limit of 3 courses in any one session. Each month that BMEN courses are offered us considered a separate “session” and requires a new application. Click here for more information.

Truett Seminary Partnership

Those wishing to pursue additional study may be interested in the Advanced Certificate of Ministry offered through our partnership with the George W. Truett Seminary Online Certificate Program.

For further information about Truett’s certificate program see www.baylor.edu/truett/certificate




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