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APEPT Missional Role Survey

APEPTIn every congregation there lies a rich and diverse body of believers who have all received unique spiritual gifts and missional roles. We received this promise in Ephesians 4:11-12, and we are reminded of it when we see the staggering diversity within our own circles of influence.

Are you trying to discern for what, specifically, God has equipped you? Would you like to learn how to work better with others of different spiritual gift bases?

The APEPT Online Survey enables participants to identify their missional roles and how they relate to the other people on a missional team. The 5-fold missional roles, as defined by the “APEPT” acronym, are:

  • Apostolic – The Catalyst and Networker
  • Pastoral – The Coach and Collaborator
  • Evangelistic – The Promoter and Mobilizer
  • Prophetic – The Appraiser and Alerter
  • Teaching – The Analyst and Manager

Determine which missional role you are best equipped to carry out, and approach future projects and ministries, from small group leadership to church planting, with a better understanding of your role and your call.

Click here to take the APEPT Online Survey now.