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Demographic Study and Report

The Center for Ministry Research and Innovation will give your church insight on how to effectively minister to communities in your area.

How it Works

Your Demographic Study and Report is customized for your church per your specifications and include estimates for the current year and five-year projections. These studies provide statistical characteristics of population groups in specific geographic areas and provide up-to-date data for:

  • Current Trends
  • 5-Year Projections
  • Population Data
  • Age Distribution
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Gender Distribution
  • Household Sizes/Types
  • Education Levels
  • Income Levels
  • Family Size
  • Marital Status
  • Lifestyle Analysis

Options for Your Report

When you Request a Demographic Study, you define your Ministry Area as one of the following:

  1. Geographic Radius – A circle around your site defined in miles.
  2. Zip Code Boundaries – Up to three zip codes around your site.
  3. Natural or Man-Made Boundaries – Like roads, rivers, city/county limits, and etc.
  4. Drive Time – Minutes traveled to your site from points in your defined ministry area.

Results of your study are provided as your choice of Demographic Reports including:

  • Raw Data Report (No charge) – Consists of six pages of demographic data including trends on population, age, race, income, etc., along with a map of the study area. Usual turnaround for this more basic report is about a week from the time of your request.
  • On-site Leadership Presentation ($500 charge)
    • All elements listed above
    • Membership Geocoded and mapped with distance decay analysis
    • Custom ministry area definition based on current membership draw area
    • Implications and issues defined based on local/regional data
    • One presentation made to defined leadership group
    • One copy of community ministry ideas.

    Click here to download the Data Sample Spreadsheet as a MS Excel document.

Get Started Today!

Fees for these demographic studies vary by the level of complexity, and are provided to participating and watch care BGAV churches at no charge or for very affordable rates.

Download a Ministry Profile Study Order Form and return to us as indicated in the document.

We look forward to helping you and your church!