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Semillas de Mostaza

semillas websiteSemillas de Mostaza is a sustainable and holistic outreach initiative whose purpose is to reach the unchurched and share the Good News of the Gospel with those looking for a closer, transformational communion with God.

Semillas de Mostaza are Latino communities of faith led by leaders willing to invest their time and talents to expand God’s Kingdom.

These local leaders, called SEMBRADORES, are trained through the Certificate Program in sharing the Gospel Seed with the people Jesus loves. Sembradores function as God’s transformational agents where they live.

Currently there is a growing number of Semillas de Mostaza whose main focus is to serve, reach, disciple, and train new believers. In Semillas’ gatherings the Gospel is shared, God is worshiped, believers are formed into disciples, and service is provided in the name of Jesus.

In the Semillas de Mostaza believers are encouraged to share the Good News of the Gospel by reaching people where they live and walking with them in the issues that affect their lives.

Ahead of us we have the task of reaching those outside the church by being God’s presence in our communities. We invite you to expand God’s Kingdom borders by being part of the Semillas de Mostaza!

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Habacuc Diaz Lopez : [staff-title] Habacuc Diaz Lopez
Mosaic, Latino Churches Coordinator, Semillas de Mostaza