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Preparing for Retirement Seminar

Date: October 14, 2021
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Retirement isn’t something you just stumble into one day. It requires careful attention to details and a trusted partner who cares about you and your needs. Join us as we discuss the decisions you need to make and learn how these decisions can impact your financial well-being and lifestyle in retirement.

Designed for
All BGAV church employees

Who Should Attend
Ministers and Church Staff interested in preparing for retirement

About these Seminars
With the guidance of our seminar leader, Jeff Cranford, BGAV’s Minister in Residence for Church Finance, you’ll learn about benefit options and gain access to useful tools and resources we make available, including:

  • Your retirement income needs and available resources
  • Basics of Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • Investment adjustments to consider before retirement
  • Development of a countdown-to-retirement timeline


  • $15 for BGAV church members
  • $30 for non-BGAV church members

This conference will be held online as a live webinar (9:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.). Register using the link below to attend the webinar and access the recorded video if you are not able to attend live.

Register Online

More info:

Jeff Cranford : [staff-title] Jeff Cranford
Minister in Residence for Church Finances
Angela House : [staff-title] Angela House
Congregational Field Staff Administrative Assistant
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000, ext. 5293