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Capital Stewardship Services

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Capital Stewardship Services While principles and methods are similar among many capital campaign services, when you partner with Capital Stewardship Services (CSS) to conduct a church capital campaign, you are working with a Virginia Baptist service that offers several unique characteristics:

  • CSS is a part of the Virginia Baptist family and is accountable to the Baptist General Association of Virginia
  • CSS consultants have experience in Virginia Baptist churches and understand their uniqueness
  • CSS consultants are nearby and committed to walking with churches through every step of the campaign
  • CSS seeks not only to help churches raise funds but also to grow Christian stewards
  • CSS is committed to work with churches of all sizes and to provide a quality service at an affordable cost

Expectations and Advantages of CSS Campaigns

Capital campaigns have become a vital part of funding plans for new construction and remodeling for churches. Our capital stewardship campaigns will enable your church to borrow less and make your mortgage payments more affordable. A number of other key benefits will come from one of our well planned and conducted capital stewardship campaigns:

  • Your church’s mission can be lifted up and emphasized
  • Your congregation will unite around a common goal
  • Your church’s future will become an exciting shared vision
  • Your ministry and outreach will be more focused
  • Church members will develop a deeper understanding and practice of Biblical stewardship
  • New ministry needs among church members will be discovered
  • Special talents and abilities of church members will be revealed

Read 7 Steps for a Successful Program for more information on how to lead a successful Capital Stewardship program.

Custom Resources

Custom Resources are available to maximize the impact of your Campaign. See Sample Resources, including leader guides, action booklets and Sunday School lessons.

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