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BGAV Church Internship Grants

The purpose of the Church Internship Grant is to encourage a greater number of non-seminary students to serve as interns throughout Virginia Baptist churches.

The hope is that the internship will be used for the educational development of non-seminary students as they are exploring and responding to a call to ministry.  The internship program will be flexible in time period and type of ministry to explore with the overall goal to expand the pipeline of vocationally trained leaders for the church.


  • BGAV churches will identify prospective interns from students to second career candidates who are discerning a vocational ministry calling.
  • The internship grants are for non-seminary students.
  • The host church will share at least 50% of the cost of the internship position.
  • The BGAV Scholarships and Education Funds Committee will oversee the approval of church applications and the distribution of the funds.
  • Churches will be notified by June 1 of each year.

Expectations of the Host Church

  • Clearly define internship, including broad range of ministry experiences and hands on learning
  • Develop clear job description for intern’s work
  • Identify supervisor to oversee intern and communicate with BGAV; the supervisor must be a current staff member
  • Supervisor will develop learning covenant with the intern identifying intern’s learning goals and corresponding points on the job description that will accomplish these goals
  • Match at least 50% of BGAV investment – either in salary or combination of salary and living arrangements
  • Submit initial application – internship goals, area of ministry, context, geographic location, etc
  • Provide adequate housing if needed

Expectations of the Intern

  • Develop learning covenant with supervisor
  • Perform responsibilities identified in job description and work towards learning goals


  • Churches will be responsible for interviewing and selecting interns
  • Churches will hire and pay interns directly as the official employer of record
  • Churches assume responsibility and liability for best personnel practices


  • The BGAV will send internship grants directly to the church
  • Church host will be responsible for paying intern through their payroll processes
  • BGAV Internship Grants stipend amounts will be in the range of $1,000–$1,500 per student per semester


  • The BGAV Scholarships and Education Funds Committee will report on all Internship Grants at the annual meeting as part of its standing report

Long Range Goals

  • Expanding the pipeline of vocationally trained leaders for BGAV churches

Status: Closed
Deadline: 12:00pm noon, Thursday, April 1, 2021

Click here for Church Internship Grant application