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BGAV Ministerial Education Funds

Funds are provided by Virginia Baptists for ministerial students from cooperating churches of the BGAV who need aid in financing their undergraduate or graduate education in preparation for vocational ministry.

General Requirements

The Applicant Must/Must Be:

  • An active member of a cooperating church of the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) for at least one (1) year prior to the initial application for funds. Applicant must be recommended according to the guidelines included on the Church Endorsement Form. The endorsing church must contribute financially to the Virginia portion of the Cooperative Missions budget.
  • Enrolled, or accepted for enrollment, in undergraduate study at an institution accredited by a Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognized accrediting agency or enrolled in graduate theological study at an institution fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) or CHEA-recognized professional schools. Enrollment must be verified.
  • Agree not to apply for BGAV Ministerial Education Funds or BGAV College Scholarships simultaneously.
  • Called and committed to religious service as a local church minister, missionary, chaplain, or denominational servant. Preference is given to persons from Virginia Baptist backgrounds and who plan their ministries in and through Virginia Baptist channels.
  • Participate in a practical ministry experience of approximately 2-6 hours per week under a mentor. The Scholarships and Ministerial Education Funds Committee shall approve such practical ministry experiences and mentors.
  • Participate in a video conference call with the BGAV Scholarship Committee.  An unexcused absence may result in the applicant’s running the risk of forfeiting the scholarship.

Scholarship Information

  1. Aid is determined by the Scholarships and Ministerial Education Funds Committee’s assessment of scholastic ability, financial need, Christian service, community service, vocational clarity, BGAV commitment, and other factors.
  2. Aid is not available for studies toward graduate /advanced degrees beyond Master’s degree level.
  3. Courses taken on an extension campus or through on-line/distance learning programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis, if funds are available. Funds will be distributed each semester.
  4. For full-time students, aid is available for a maximum of four (4) years at the undergraduate level and four (4) years at the graduate level.
  5. For part-time students, aid is available at a reduced amount with a six (6) year limit at the undergraduate level and a six (6) year limit at the graduate level.
  6. Aid amounts are granted per student for the full school year and are determined by the amount of monies available.
  7. Aid is sent directly to the school, with half being sent each semester.
  8. Those receiving assistance will be informed, including the amount of the assistance, by June 1 of each year.
  9. In order to be eligible to continue to receive support, an application must be submitted each year.
  • Status: Open
  • Deadline: 12:00pm noon, Thursday, April 1, 2021
  • Award Range: Up to $5,000 per year
  • Criteria: Ministerial students
    • Full-time students (reduced aid is available for part-time students)
    • Studying in an accredited program
    • Requirements & General Information (above)
  • Academic Level: 
      • Undergraduate at an accredited school
      • Master’s Level at an accredited school
      • Repayment: These funds are to be considered as grants if a recipient provides service through the sponsorship of a BGAV church or in a Baptist church in another state which is in friendly cooperation with the BGAV for two years after having completed his/her education. Repayment is otherwise expected as explained in the BGAV Ministerial Education Funds requirements.

    Click here for Ministerial Education Funds Application

    Through the vision and stewardship of faithful Virginia Baptists, the Baptist General Association of Virginia has offered Ministerial Education Funds to deserving recipients for many years.Through the generous gifts of Virginia Baptists like Julian A. Hudgens, Anna Lethia Carter, Ruth Camp Campbell, Jack E. and Virginia A. Boyles, Alpheus Chewning, Jr., and the Cooperative Missions gifts of Virginia Baptists around the state, students are able to receive financial assistance in their education.

    The Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) is committed to the development of emerging leaders of all ages for advancing the Redeemer’s Kingdom. To that end, the BGAV is committed to financially aiding emerging leaders in their educational development.

    BGAV Ministerial Education Funds are given each year to Virginia Baptist students who

    • Have made a commitment to Christian vocational ministry,
    • Attend an accredited school, and
    • Meet all established requirements

    Through these means, a continuing relationship between the applicant and the Baptist General Association of Virginia will develop.

    Funds are limited in number and amount. Recipients are expected to work approximately 2-6 hours per school week in a practical ministry experience related to their vocational calling.

    An applicant will select a minister to serve as his/her designated mentor related to his/her work. Applicants are expected to work through a BGAV church or a BGAV-related ministry while attending school in Virginia. Students studying outside Virginia are expected to work through a Baptist church or a Baptist-related ministry while attending school.

    An evaluation by the mentor and student is required at the end of each semester. This evaluation will help determine the student’s eligibility to receive additional monies again, if reapplication is made for the following year.