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Church Financial Administration Seminars

People frequently say, “The church is not a business,” and that statement is true. Certainly, a church is first and foremost a place of worship and ministry. However, the business functions of a church are necessary to allow these ministries to flourish.

A well-designed system of internal accounting controls is a must. These “checks and balances” ensure a high level of integrity within your church’s financial program. Even with several sets of supervisory eyes, errors may still exist (and fraud is always a possibility). Church finance leaders must exercise due diligence to reduce the risks to a very low level.

Church treasurers, financial administrators, and other lay leaders hold an important and vital position within the church ministry. The church treasurer has the role of maintaining the business integrity of the church body and faithfully stewarding the resources that God has entrusted to the church.

With these important roles and associated challenges in mind, the financial support and services ministry of the BGAV will provide a series of Church Financial Administration Seminars. Topics to be covered in these seminars include:

  • Financial Management Procedures
  • How to Handle Cash Receipts
  • How to Handle Disbursements
  • How to Prepare Financial Statements
  • How to Prepare and Maintain Individual Contribution Records
  • Procedures for handling gifts
  • IRS Requirements for Contribution Receipts
  • Internal Control Procedures
  • Employee Tax Issues
  • Resources and support for church financial leaders

The seminars provide an opportunity for training for new and prospective church financial officers and staff. Those who are experienced financial leaders and staff will have opportunities to learn about the latest resources and approaches to church financial ministry.

Jeff Cranford, BGAV Minister in Residence for Church Finances, will lead the seminar on May 20, 2021 from 9:30am – noon via live webinar on Zoom. Participants may choose to attend live for $15, view the video later for $15, or do both for $20.

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Upcoming Seminars

Date/Time Event
May 20, 2021
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Church Financial Administration Seminar

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Jeff Cranford : [staff-title] Jeff Cranford
Minister in Residence for Church Finances
Angela House : [staff-title] Angela House
Congregational Field Staff Administrative Assistant
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