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Honoring the Legacy of Virginia Baptists

A message from John Upton

John UptonOne of the greatest challenges given to the early church, and consequently to every church thereafter, was the admonition to “build up the body of Christ.” Each one of us has his or her own essential part in the building of that body.

The exciting truth in that challenge is that our cooperative work together is Christ’s functioning body in the world. In simplest terms, to be the body of Christ now is to do in our time what he did with his body in his time. We are to make our life together as believers to be his body again in the world, as concretely and as literally as we can.

To this end each of us has a different part to play. God gave each of us a different gift precisely for the purpose of making this body more complete. The Bible tells us that each of us is indispensable. No one’s contribution, no matter how small, can ever be devalued. Every last one of us is a vital part of Christ’s living body.

Each of us has our individual roles to contribute, but the purpose of the body of Christ is much larger than our individual efforts. The whole body needs to be built up by each of its members. Thus, we are admonished to build up the body of Christ.

This building up means many things, but part of what it means is our financial dollars. As we seek to build this body up for Virginia Baptists, we have established a Development Office, which is being organized and led by our Treasurer, Eddie Stratton. He is leading the effort to challenge us to give to Virginia Baptist’s first endowment fund.

Asking each of us about our financial contribution in this shared mission is a concrete way of determining how much we can, and how much we will build up the body of Christ in Virginia. Please think of this development effort in those terms.

No giving gives more than our giving to build up Christ’s body. Let each of us build this body by all means available!

And it won’t be just the gifts that do the building up. The building up will also rise from a new spirit in us and among us that comes when we finally offer more of our whole lives.

In Christ’s name,

John Upton

John V. Upton, Jr.
Executive Director, BGAV and VBMB