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Let’s Build A Legacy…Together!

The Cedars of Lebanon are known for their strength, longevity, versatility, and distinctiveness. They were mentioned over 75 times in the Old Testament and used by both King Solomon and King David to build their palaces. They were also durable enough to build canoes, boats, and ships.

These same attributes represent the values of Legacy Builders — a new endowment initiative that is designed to provide a deeply-rooted means of support for Virginia Baptist missions and ministries.

Tree Giving

In Appreciation of our Legacy Builders

  • Building Block – All 1,000 Legacy Builders donors will be recognized with an engraved brick in the Virginia Baptist Resource Center courtyard.
  • Legacy Wall – Donations of $5,000 or more will be memorialized on a Legacy Wall inside the Virginia Baptist Resource Center.
  • Recognition – Results will be announced at the BGAV Annual Meeting each year, with thanks and recognition given to donors, honors, and memorials recognized. For those who prefer, donations may also be given anonymously.

May Virginia Baptist ministries continue to be as strong, enduring, and distinctive as the cedars of Lebanon through your stewardship and generosity.