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Sustainable Mission and Future for Virginia Baptists

A message from Eddie Stratton

Eddie StrattonIn Revelation 21:5, we are told, “Look I am making all things new!” With Virginia Baptist’s new endowment program, we are actively seeking ways to secure the present and future work of the VBMB through the BGAV that preserves a legacy for future generations.

This year, we have another “new thing”— Legacy Builders. This special initiative is a one- year, one- million dollar campaign that will begin building a restricted endowment fund with donations being invested in the principal. The interest generated by the principal will be used on work and projects that are not funded by Cooperative Missions offerings.

These projects may include the funding of such works as the Muslim Background Believers conference, the work with the European Baptist Federation, the Baptist Youth World Conference, and our Latino Partnership in Toronto.

The disbursement of the interest will be overseen by a Trustee Board appointed by the Executive Committee.

We are looking for 1,000 donors who are interested in creating a strong, enduring legacy for Virginia Baptist ministries.

Please join us in this initiative to undergird and grow Virginia Baptist ministries and missions.

God bless,


Eddie Stratton
Treasurer, BGAV and VBMB