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From Appomattox to Ghana

By Adam Tyler

On Sunday, a team from the Appomattox Baptist Association will leave Richmond for Yendi, Ghana.  Eight of us will be travelling to meet Emmanuel Mustapha and his colleagues, and we will join the good work they are doing in combating malaria and planting churches.  For seven of the team members, it is their first time going to Ghana – but for me, it is a welcome return.

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to travel with Dean Miller and a number of Virginia Baptist pastors and laypeople to Yendi.  I’ve been involved in Virginia Baptist Partnership Missions for 20 years, but this was by far the most impactful mission experience I have ever had.  I saw the Holy Spirit at work among pastors, some of whom were new Christians themselves.  I saw hope spread over the faces of villagers who received mosquito nets to protect them and their children.  I saw hand after hand being raised, life after life being changed, as the Ghana Baptists and Virginia Baptists shared the Gospel with people who had never heard it before.  And I had the high honor of baptizing thirty-two individuals in an African river.  My visit to Ghana three years ago filled me with hope for the future of God’s kingdom and joy for the lives that are being saved – both physically and spiritually.

I therefore am preparing to return to Ghana with high expectations…expectations I know will be met.  Why?  Because I know what God has been up to in Ghana, and I know the good work and good heart of Emmanuel Mustapha, our kingdom partner in Yendi.

Please pray for our team as we travel on Sunday to Yendi.  Keep us in prayer as we meet with our brothers and sisters in Ghana, and as we join them in the work they are already doing.  And pray that the Spirit of God will move in a mighty way while we are there, just as it has been moving in Yendi for several years.  A revival is taking place in the northwest corner of Ghana – I’m excited we and the larger BGAV family can be part of it!


Appomattox Baptist Association Ghana Mission Team 2017