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Disaster Relief & Response

Arkansas Flood Recovery Team, 2015

Arkansas Flood Recovery Team, 2015

When families and homes are affected by disaster, Virginia Baptist Disaster Response volunteers are there to help clean up and meet human needs.

We equip trained volunteers to bring relief and hope in response to natural and manmade disasters throughout Virginia, across the US, and around the world in:

  • mass care feeding
  • recovery (flood and chain saw)
  • showers, laundry & water purification
  • child care
  • communications
  • chaplaincy
  • SPHERE (international humanitarian aid)

Alongside local and state emergency management, national Baptist partners, and churches and associations, Virginia Baptist Disaster Response exists to provide emergency relief in moments of great need. Volunteers serve to share the love of Christ as they meet significant physical needs after a disaster.

Disaster Response Updates

Get the latest information on upcoming trainings, recent responses and preparedness for your home, church and community with our e-mail updates!

Training & Certification

Trained volunteers enable us to respond quickly, maintain a quality of training for our teams, and respond through official channels after a disaster.

virginia baptist disaster responseOur regular training events include discipline-specific training in two areas: feeding and recovery (flood and chain saw). These two disciplines account for our greatest mobilization of volunteers.

Training is provided in other disciplines on an as-needed basis.

Advanced leadership training is provided to ensure each unit is led by capable, experienced leaders while on a callout.

All volunteers complete An Introduction to Virginia Baptist Disaster Response, providing an overview of how Baptist disaster response began, how we respond, who we work with and what we do.

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Our Units

Our trained volunteers utilize a tremendous fleet of equipment and vehicles to support responses. Stationed at churches and associations across the state, local volunteers oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the fleet.

Additional units owned by local churches or associations have agreements in place for VBDR to call on the equipment for use during a disaster response.

Disaster Preparedness

We never know when disaster may strike. The best way to get prepare for a disaster is to make plans and look ahead. Resources are available from our partners, in addition to these articles by our staff:

Support Disaster Response

Virginia Baptist partners respond to the Nepal Earthquake, 2015

Virginia Baptist partners respond to the Nepal Earthquake, 2015

Disaster Response is supported by gifts to the Baptist General Association of Virginia’s Cooperative Missions budget and the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions, as well as by individual donations specifically designated for Disaster Response.

Online donations can be made through the giving portal on the right, which also includes instructions for donations made by mail.

During the response to significant disasters, designated offerings from individuals and churches are used by VBDR to support active work or are given to our worldwide partners who are active in the response.


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