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Hunger Ministries

Hunger Funds

Churches, Associations, Ministry Partners, and others affiliated with the BGAV are encouraged to request funds from the Virginia portion of the World Hunger Offering.

Funds must used as outlined in the World Hunger Funds Policy as established by the Glocal Missions and Evangelism Board Committee.

Offering for World Hunger

The Virginia Offering for World Hunger was established at the Baptist General Association annual meeting in 1982. Since that time, Virginia Baptists have given tremendous support to this offering, with contributions totaling over three million dollars.

The hunger offering is truly a “World” Hunger Offering because funds are distributed through our many partners here in Virginia and around the world.

You may donate online to the Offering for World Hunger.

Change Matters

Change Matters header

Virginia Baptists are working to make a difference in World Hunger both locally and abroad through this cooperative initiative of the World Hunger Fund and Virginia Baptists.

A Student-Supported Ministry

Students attending Virginia Baptist Youth related events are simply encouraged to give the change in their pockets toward this offering as 100% of the funds collected are sent directly to the mission field to meet the most critical current needs.

Virginia Baptist events with an emphasis on Change Matters include:

Please plan to join us at one of these exciting Virginia Baptist events!

A Little Change Makes a Big Difference!

more than netsIn 2015 our focus of the Change Matters Offering will be to assist in eradicating malaria in a northeast region of the country of Ghana. As always, Virginia Baptists are partnering with a local Baptist group in order to bring about change in the world.

Learn more about More Than Nets!

Top Ways to Address Hunger

Below are ways for you to engage with your local community:

  1. Prayerwalk/ride around your community. Identify needs associated with hunger. Pray for those churches and organizations that are addressing hunger in your community, i.e., food pantry, soup kitchen, etc.
  2. Memorize scripture related to hunger during the month of October. There are 22 verses containing the word hunger and 52 verses containing the word hungry!
  3. Change Matters Coin Collection. Collect loose change in cans and contribute to the Virginia Baptist Hunger Fund.
  4. Host a Stop Hunger Now packaging event. These packaged meals of beans and rice are distributed all over the world and most recently in Haiti. More information about hosting can be found on the Stop Hunger Now website.
  5. Host a Hunger Dialogue. Learn how other Baptist churches are involved in hunger ministries and share resources for funding, food, and education. Learn more about hosting a dialogue by contacting our office.

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