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Mission Development Staff


Intrigued by a calling placed on your heart?

Have questions about ways you can engage in missions?

Desire to challenge your life as a disciple?

We want to help you connect with great partners and encourage you toward a strengthened faith journey inspired by your mission experience. We will help you spend time preparing before your mission opportunity, reflect each day as you walk alongside our partners, and then encourage your world with a stronger passion to make a difference.

The Mission Development staff can also provide assistance, networking, and resources for:

  • Mission speakers for short-term speaking engagements in your church or community
  • community mission endeavors

Mission Development Staff

Mikayla Barnes : [staff-title] Mikayla Barnes
Communications and Volunteer Coordinator
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000, ext. 7265
Marilyn Hundley : [staff-title] Marilyn Hundley
Disaster Response Administrative Coordinator
(804) 915-5000 ext. 9007
Glenn Maddox : [staff-title] Glenn Maddox
National Mission Director, Mission Development Team
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000 x7269
Dean Miller : [staff-title] Dean Miller
Mission Development Staff Coordinator
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000 x7264
Craig Waddell : [staff-title] Craig Waddell
Partnership and Short-Term Volunteer Coordinator, Mission Development Staff
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000 x7263
Paula Washburn : [staff-title] Paula Washburn
Team Operations Administrator, Mission Development Staff
804.915.5000 x 7260