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Haiti Day 3 – Out and About

Today we explored the downtown souvenir shops. We encountered alot of venders and everyone seemed to have fhe exact same product. No matter where we went some would follow trying to get you to buy their items and not the others. Every piece was beautiful in its own way and everyone had a story. Some came up and said “I love Jesus I love americans and I love haitians please buy from me”.  It could be a little uncomfortable because of the constant sales pitch but you also knew that this was how they made their day to day living wages .  It touched me inside because I wished I could have helped a little more.

Well, the afternoon came and we took the children to grab some pizza. This is a very special treat for the children and just the look on their faces when we got there and their manners was astonishing. All the joy and excitement just for pizza was enough. The kids were so patient waiting an hour for the food and then once it came were still patient waiting to eat. Everyone shared and they ate everything, nothing was wasted. After the pizza we took the kids to the park where there was more excitement on their faces. We pulled up, parked and the kids were climbing over us so they can get out and play. We had a blast.

Upon returning I kept on questioning myself with “how can these kids and other Haitians have so much love for God with so little?”  The immediate answer being that these kids are content with what they have and are very appreciative with what they get. I see God working in these kids lives through the great and awesome leadership with which God has blessed them. I am thankful that God led these leaders here for the kids and for bringing me here.

When I return home I want so much to be grateful for what I have but not so much as to forget about all that I may not really need

I want to thank God for showing me all of this and pray for these kids and leaders here in this place