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Day 5: Hallelujah Indeed!

Yesterday, February 4, the Appomattox Baptist Association team moved to a new village to distribute mosquito nets.  For the first time, the entire team was together putting up nets, and they were joined by several Ghanaian pastors; two hundred nets were distributed very quickly!  The team took the afternoon to prepare for Sunday’s upcoming services at Ditney Baptist Church in Yendi and several church plants.

While he was preparing for Sunday’s service, Rev. Reggie Warren of Union Hill Baptist Church also reflected on his experience earlier in the week as the team baptized 69 people:

“Too few Christians or even pastors will experience a mass baptism.  I had not until February 2, 2017.  Sometime previous to our visit, the village had heard the gospel and several dozen persons had said ‘yes’ to Christ’s salvation and Lordship.  It is the dry season in Yendi and few bodies of water are sufficient for Baptist baptisms.  A relatively small pool, the remains of a new-dry river bed, was located several miles away beside the road.  Multiple trips with a large van and pickup truck were necessary to get everyone there.  Surrounded by singing, praying, some shouting, smiles, and instructions, three Virginia Baptist pastors and two deacons led the way as 69 souls followed Jesus in water baptism.  There was some fear of the water and a little teenage giggling, but they came.  They celebrated in their way with hugs, touches, words, and even an occasional ‘hallelujah.’  This normally stoic pastor whispered along, ‘Hallelujah, indeed!’”