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How Coaching Makes a Difference

Posted: 2/11/16 at 1:40pm. Article by Ken Kessler.

Jeremy had been pastor for three years and was confused about where he was leading the church. He was hearing from many voices about what he should do as pastor. The voices were becoming overpowering.

His chairperson of deacons stopped him in the hallway and addressed Jeremy, “Jeremy, I am hearing complaints from people in the church that you are not visiting enough.”

The Bible Study Director stopped and said, “Pastor Jeremy, we need to get this church headed in the right direction. We need to put more emphasis on our Sunday School. When our church was doing its best, we had a big Sunday School.”

A parent of young person in the church pulled him aside, “Jeremy, this church is just not doing enough for my child. She is does not feel welcome and does not want to come to the church.”

When he got home, his wife shared her own feelings of frustration and hurt. She missed her family back home. Then he heard the words he dreaded to hear, “Jeremy, I think you are spending too much time at the church and not enough time with me and the children.”

His head was spinning. He had so many plates spinning in the air he was just did not know what to do. He called a good friend from his divinity school days and shared his frustration.

Then the friend shared this idea with him. “Jeremy, we all experience these challenges in our journey where focus and clarity are not clear. I have faced it, and I found a leadership coach to help me.”

His friend shared that his leadership coach was not another voice to harp at him about all that had to be done, but a listening and thinking partner who helped him sort out the most important things that needed to be done. His coach had helped him make clear choices that were built around his gifts and strengths and helped him move forward with positive action steps.

His friend gave him the coach’s contact information, and Jeremy made the call. And that call made all the difference in the world. Jeremy found that his coach helped him:

  • Achieve clarity on the next steps
  • Focus on prioritized action rather than ideas
  • Leverage his gifts and strengths
  • Productively negotiate challenges and obstacles in his ministry and personal life
  • Maximize his personal and God-given potential
  • Create a space safe for risk-taking and transformation

He turned his ministry options from confusion to clarity and created a structure for wholeness and growth in himself and his congregation. Now, Jeremy advocates a coach for any pastor or leader he meets. Jeremy shares, “Having a coach has been the best investment I have ever made in myself and my vocational ministry.” Now he is even learning how to be a coach to others!

Coaching can make a difference in your ministry journey, whether you are looking for next steps or just need a thinking partner for strategic actions.

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