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Introducing “Passing the Leadership Baton”

Posted: 6/24/15 at 8:25am. Article by Ken Kessler. 

Another leadership blog? . . . Do we really need another one? I can already read things on just about everything imaginable on just about any blog that is written. Why another blog?

My only good response is “why not?”

We, the Empowering Leaders Team, have a desire to serve congregations and their leaders, especially in BGAV life, as they seek to live out tbatons12he Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission. Our avenues for conversation are relationships with our leaders. Hopefully, the ideas in this blog gives us another way to serve you and others like you.

We are just like you. We are always looking for another way to grow our relationship with our Lord and share out of that growth. Sometimes our learnings are probably petty to some, but I am always amazed something that is petty to some is revolutionary to others.

When I read Seth Godin or Mark Miller or George Bullard or John Chandler or even Thom Rainer, I always look for nuggets – some way that God can speak into my journey or the journey of my congregation. Sometimes, I get angry at what I read; sometimes, I just smile; and sometimes, I just cry!

So we are titling this blog Passing the Leadership Baton! We hope that we can pass something on to you that the Lord can use to connect with your journey. Feel free to pass it on through email or social media.

Our field strategists will be writing out of their experience and their relationships with you. Sometimes, we will have pastors and leaders from our places or congregations writing for us out of their experiences. So hopefully, you can find something to pass on to other leaders as we walk and run through our leadership journeys in this challenging world in which God has called us.

Last month, I was introduced to a book at a conference of state leaders that has really peaked my interest – The Four Disciplines of Execution. This Franklin Covey book has rocked my thinking about execution.

I live in a constant whirlwind of activity and always have. My involvement in local church practice and our ministry setting here at BGAV has always created this sense that everything is important. That whirlwind, though, sometimes creates more reaction to what is coming rather than a proactive stance of execution.

The study introduces four disciplines for anyone to consider in their world of planning:

  • Discipline One – Focus on the Wildly Important
  • Discipline Two – Act on the Lead Measures
  • Discipline Three – Keep a Compelling Scorecard
  • Discipline Four – Create a Cadence of Accountability

I cannot lay all of them out here in this short blog. Go to this website and watch this video about the ideas that the book presents – 4dxbook.com! Click on Chris McChesney’s face and watch what he shares about the resource.

Anyone up for a book discussion around the ideas? Just email me at ken.kessler@bgav.org.

By the way, just something fun – go to this video and just laugh — It’s a TED Talk that lasts nine minutes. The older I get, the more I see 4 am all the time!  Maybe there is some meaning to that time!

PrayerGod, give us the strength to keep learning and developing in this challenging world You have placed. Thank You that You trust each of us enough to allow us to live in this creative time. Allow us to hear Your voice in the midst of the whirlwind of change we are experiencing!

Ken KesslerKen Kessler is the Team Leader for the Empowering Leaders Team and also serves as a co-field strategist for Capital Region.

You may follow him on Twitter @kenk57.