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Jillian Andrzejewski: What Does It Mean to be a Gospel-Centric People?

Mooreland Baptist Church, North Garden, VA
Mooreland Baptist Church, North Garden, VA

By Jillian Andrzejewski

Recently, my husband and I spent time traveling to see our families. We had very important news to tell them. We had good news of great joy to tell them. We are expecting our first child. It will be the first grandchild for my husband’s parents. This is news worth telling. It’s worth driving all over the mid-Atlantic to tell family members in person. This is our joy, our song, and our good news in this chapter in our lives.

For me, the gospel is news of great joy for all people. It’s news that God cares so much about all of us that he comes to earth in person to teach us, heal us, and reconcile us to himself forever. It’s news about a God who takes on the form of humanity, an act of sacrifice and great love. In sum, the gospel is about an Incarnate God-a God who understands life, healing, suffering and resurrection.

I believe that the Holy Spirit has sent us to be God Incarnate. Our hands, our feet, and our bodies become God’s hands, God’s feet and God’s bodies. We are the body and bodies of Christ. We are to take the love of God to the world around us, especially to the dark places of the world. Besides, who else is going to do it? Jesus himself has gone back to be with the Father. The Holy Spirit is sending us.

Here at Mooreland Baptist Church, we are the hands and feet of Christ in our community. Our hands are God’s hands when we serve the hungry at our local food pantry. Our hands and feet are God’s hands and feet when we surround a local family facing a terrible cancer diagnosis. On Easter we united with two other churches as we celebrated the resurrection at sunrise.

We have used our hands and feet to support a Haitian Orphanage at a community wide yard sale year after year. We even use our stomachs to serve God when we eat chili at the local elementary school’s fundraiser.

If God has come to earth in the form of a person, Jesus Christ, then surely God can use our hands, our feet, our creativity and love in our own lives. God can use us to bring light into dark places. God can use all congregations, big and small, to bring joy and hope to a world that desperately needs it.

jillian-andrzejewskiRev. Jillian Andrzejewski is pastor of Mooreland Baptist Church outside of Charlottesville.

She is also currently serving as moderator of the Central Virginia Baptist Association.

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