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Johnny Almond: Life & Death Questions

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Posted: 4/14/17 at 8:00am. Article by Johnny R. Almond.

“If we humans die, will we live again?” That’s my question. All through these difficult days I keep hoping, waiting for the final change – for resurrection!

Job 14:13 (The Message)

Is there life after death?  After our corpse changes to dust and disappears, will it reappear? After our struggle, will we be serene? After our agonizing pain, will we enjoy the beauties of paradise? After our sickness, will we sing? After rot, is there resurrection? Can we hope for existence beyond time? Is immortality possible?

Jesus has given us his answer. He rightfully claimed to be the resurrection and the life, and promised that all who believe in him will live again, even though they die like everyone else. He lives forever; so will we! Some will rise to joy; others will rise to judgment—the difference is Jesus.

Some will rise to joy; others will rise to judgment—the difference is Jesus.

What God grants a tree, he does not deny to a person. New life is God’s work. Science admits people may live anew. Philosophy hopes we may. Ethics says we ought to. Christ says we will. He brought life and immortality to light. We can be optimistic about seeing the one who answered Job’s question through his death, burial, and resurrection.

Is there life before death? Does Christian living make us zombies, or transform us into zealots? Before we experience physical death, is it possible for us to experience abundant life? Before the dirge, can we learn to dance? Before we’re in a casket, can we celebrate? Before our funeral, can we have fun? Is there the potential for us to pull out all the stops and genuinely enjoy full life? These questions are answered by Jesus’ provision. The thief steals enthusiasm, kills joy, and destroys good influence; but Jesus’ joy outlasts the world’s thrills.

Is there death after life? After unbelievers die physically, will they die a second death? Is hell just a nightmarish concept, or is it an awful reality? The world wonders if rejecting Jesus is deadly, but we should not play with fire! What in hell would any person possibly want? Surely nothing! Trusting souls won’t go there, but those who reject God’s Son will receive just punishment. Eternity will reveal truth’s answer to the question of the skeptics.

Is there death before life? Must we die to self before living for God? Must we sacrifice in order to serve? Is it necessary to take our focus off ourselves before we find true fulfillment? This is the price of joy—to lose our lives for Christ’s sake, and in the process, to find true life. Jesus is God’s final answer.

This article was published in the Spring 2017 edition of the BGAV Express

Johnny AlmondJohnny R. Almond serves as the pastor at Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church outside Fredericksburg, VA. He is the author of Gentle Whispers from Eternity, which is available at Amazon.com. You may visit his website or contact him by email
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