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BGAV’s Kairos Leadership Initiative Receives $100,000 Grant

Grant will be used for a young adult leadership development program

Richmond, VA. – BGAV’s Kairos Leadership Initiative (KLI) has received a $100,000 grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. for a young adult leadership development program.

Kairos-Logo-1KLI is one of 53 grant recipients as part of the Endowment’s 2015 Campus Ministry Theological Exploration of Vocation (CMTEV) initiative, which supports vocational discernment programs for college students attending public universities. The CMTEV initiative is designed to encourage campus ministries to create programs and strengthen existing ones that help students make connections between their academic and career pursuits and their faith commitments.

The KLI program is designed to provoke high-potential leaders in our campus ministries to 1) discover their identities in Christ, 2) consider their educational and vocational goals in light of this identity, and 3) live out their lifetime call to love and serve their community and their world as they align their unique God-given strengths and gifts with their vocation.

The KLI program guides each participant through individual and corporate learning and reflection to discern important aspects of their unique character, competencies and context in order to align their strengths and values to cultivate a clear sense of calling into their vocational future.

An emphasis on Christian leadership emerges as each participant comes to understand how to draw from their strengths in order to actively engage in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation, of making all things new, through their vocational setting. Already the 40 college students who have participated in KLI during its first three years have become catalytic leaders in their collegiate ministries, in their home church ministries, in their classrooms, in their careers and in the mission field.

2016 marks the fourth year of the KLI program. This year’s class includes 13 participants from six Virginia universities as well as a post-graduate serving in a BGAV church. With the help of the CMTEV initiative funds, over three years, we will 1) strengthen the quality of the Kairos Leadership Initiative Program by expanding and enhancing partnerships that align with the three strategy areas of KLI to incorporate a greater diversity and higher quality of teaching and practical experience in our primary areas of formation and 2) create a Resource Toolkit to consist of a curriculum guide for workshops and retreats, best practices for building a leadership development program, recommended resources and ongoing program support in order to enable each of our constituent ministries to replicate their own unique version of the KLI program on the local level.

For more information about the Kairos Initiative’s ministries and programs, visit www.kairosinitiative.org. Applications for 2017’s KLI class will open in August 2016. Share your email with us through the ‘Contact Us’ page to receive Kairos updates and announcements.