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Ken Kessler: That’s Impossible!

Posted: 2/26/2018 at 8:54am. Column by Ken Kessler.

How many times have you said or heard that phrase? I know the phrase resonates throughout church life.

  • A church is challenged to start a new ministry to a group of people who live in our community who are different than us – “That’s impossible!”
  • A pastor confronts the reality his leadership presence in the church must change for the church to address its future – “That’s impossible!”
  • A new Bible Study class has not been started in the congregation in many years. The reality is a new class must be started for the church to reach new people. The leaders say – “That’s impossible!”
  • Church attendance and finances have been declining for years. Now, a pastor has a vision of turning around these factors by introducing some significant changes to church leaders. The church people say – “That’s impossible!”

Maybe to get out of our funk, we need to do something outrageous. To get to transformational thinking and actions, Robert Hargrove, author of Masterful Coaching, suggests we need to think about an “Impossible Future.” What do we dream for ourselves and our church and yet struggle to believe and act upon?

He suggests that most of us live in our “Rut” stories – those stories that we keep living over and over again because we are afraid to see the possibilities and experience the transformation that must take place. Some of the rut stories have themes like

  • “I’m afraid to lose what I have” – constant refrain in many of our churches
  • “I need other people’s approval” – many of us pastors are afflicted with this one
  • “MY circumstances just will not allow it”
  • “We just don’t have the talents, the money, or the people to do that”
  • “We have tried that before, or it won’t work here.”

How many of us have those kind of stories we live in every day? So how do we get out of these “ruts” and start living a different story? How do we live into an “Impossible Future?”

A great coaching relationship with someone can help an individual move into this new future. A coach is not into therapy or filling the gaps or even making you feel better. Instead, he or she will help you design your Impossible Future, help you identify your Rut Stories, and help you develop actions that will propel to living a new story and reach the potential God has placed in you.

Let’s turn “That’s Impossible!” into future-stretching, God-given “with God, all things are possible” thinking. If you are interested in investing in a coaching relationship, contact me by phone, 804-915-5000, ext. 5295 or email, ken.kessler@bgav.org.

Ken KesslerKen Kessler is the Coaching Network Director for the BGAV. You can reach him at ken.kessler@bgav.org.

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