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Kingdom Pioneers

Webster’s Dictionary defines a pioneer as a person who helps create or develop new ideas or methods. A Kingdom Pioneer is someone who has a heart for the “not-yet” and lives out the values of the BGAV by being relationally-rich, gospel-centric, reasonable and gracious, and invests in the shared mission of advancing the Kingdom together.

Meet some of our Kingdom Pioneers:

Meet our newest Kingdom Pioneer, Cesar Sotomayor!

“I wanted to work with refugees and to welcome the stranger in the Middle East. God has humor and opened the door in Austria.”

Cesar is an International Church Planter in Vienna, Austria, that the BGAV helps support.

Learn more about him and his ministry.

Are you a Kingdom Pioneer?  Do you know a Kingdom Pioneer?

We want to hear from you, or someone you know who is helping to create or develop new ways to serve, lead, and reach your community for the Kingdom.  

Here’s a few questions to consider –

  1. Who are the Kingdom Pioneers in your community?
  2. What are they pioneering/doing to bring heaven to earth in your community?
  3. How are they pioneering?  (Community Partnerships, etc.)  

We want to hear from you!  

Has the BGAV been a part in helping you pioneer in your community?  Tell us how!  Share photos, quotes, and thank you’s by emailing Nathan White at nathan.white@bgav.org or calling 800.255.2428.

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