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Journée Scientific (Scientific Day) at the Source of Light Center

Posted: 6/11/18 at 7:45am. Post by Staci Calkin.

Scientific Day at Ecole Source de Lumière (Source of Light Center, Haiti) was a day of lessons and celebrations showcasing what the students have learned this year in school. Although it is called Scientific Day, the students presented on a wide variety of topics. They worked with peers to present on subjects they had been researching and learning in order to share their knowledge.

The day began with music, highlighting the brass and wind musicians. Then the many presentations began.

Woodley, Wilson, and Valencia presented on a serum used to help with dehydration. The serum is made up of a sugar, salt, and water combination and can be administered through an IV.  Schnaider and Myriam presented on the effects of mixing oil and water. Other students from the school shared about the importance of fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Steeven and Angelo, along with another classmate, presented on the human body.  They each spoke about different portions of the body.  Steeven focused on the upper body: arms, shoulders, and  ribs.  Angelo spoke on the different portions of the skull.

Naïka presented, along with a classmate, the origins of the Kreyol language (Haitian Creole).  Naïka’s presentation covered some of the history of Haïti, focusing on the influence of the many African languages brought in by African slaves and the European languages brought in by those slave owners. Those who came from Africa worked to understand the languages of their masters as well as the variety of African languages spoken by the people they worked alongside.  The common language developed by slaves was the beginning of the Kreyol language.

Scientific Day was a great opportunity to practice presentation skills, to encourage their peers, and to reinforce the lessons the students have learned.  It was a  fun, educational day for the whole school.

Specific Ways You Can Pray for the Source of Light Center:

  • Pray for the end of year tests that students will be taking in mid-June.
  • Pray for the teams that are preparing to come to Haiti this summer and the interactions that will take will place with the children at Source of Light.
  • Pray for the technical training opportunities the older children are receiving through art camps and classes this summer.

Get Involved: Become a Sponsor!

If you aren’t already, please consider becoming a sponsor to one of our amazing children at the Source of Light Center! To get more information on becoming a sponsor, please email Staci Calkin, Haiti child sponsorship coordinator, at staci.calkin@bgav.org.