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Local Church Prepares to Serve Community in Potential Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted: 3/11/20 at 3:30pm.

Dublin Baptist Church, Dublin, VA

“We’ve made 300 food emergency food packs,” explained Rev. Dennis V. Jones, pastor of Dublin Baptist Church, a BGAV congregation in the Western Blue Ridge Baptist Association. Jones and his congregation want to be prepared to help residents in their community if and when the novel Coronavirus called COVID-19 reaches their area.

Earlier today, the World Health Organization officially declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, meaning it has spread across more than 100 countries. Churches across the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States are responding by taking safety measures to protect their members, and some, like Dublin Baptist, are seeking ways to be proactive in ministering to their communities.

Jones said many people in their community and congregation are over the age of 60, which puts them at a higher risk for complications if they become infected with the virus. “We want to be the people of God in a pandemic situation,” Jones said. “Social distancing may cause businesses to close, so many would be in a tough spot.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is recommending that people who are most at risk stay in their homes, especially in areas where the virus has already been confirmed. Jones’ church members wanted to be ready to reach out to people in those situations who may need food, so they decided to assemble emergency food packs containing non-perishables like dry beans and rice. These are now ready for delivery to people who may go into quarantine because of the virus, extending the love of Christ to the Dublin community through the hands and feet of the church.