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Mallory Wohlford, Venturer: A Change in My Comfort Zone

Posted: 6/18/18 at 9:30am. Article by Mallory Wohlford.

I am a planner who had to overcome the need of knowing my plans. I had to overcome not knowing all the details all the time. I am a person who loves being around others, yet I had to be comfortable with heading out alone.

I had to be comfortable in being uncomfortable, if I was going to take on my missions opportunity this summer.

As I started thinking about what I wanted to do this summer, I felt a huge part of me being forced to wait. Being the huge planner I am, this made me wonder: how am I okay with not having a summer plan?

While I was still figuring out my summer, I headed out for a long trip to Rosharon, TX for spring break with my campus ministry, Cru. Little did I know the work God was going to do for not only all the families we served, but also in my own life. Throughout this trip I saw so much hardship from the hurricane, the effects of poverty, and the terrible conditions in which they can leave a community.

After this trip, I started realizing I needed to figure out my plans for the summer. After God’s work in Rosharon, I started to become much more aware of the changes God had made in me mentally and especially spiritually.

I felt the Lord calling me to a mission route for the summer but had no idea the direction that might take. After reaching out to my youth minister and then some people at the BGAV, it became clear to me I needed to stay in the country and help my “Judea and Samaria” instead of heading off internationally for the summer.

After communicating with the BGAV and telling them my thoughts of where God was leading me, I was told I was going to have the opportunity to go back to the Houston area to Liberty, TX. The weeks after that were a roller coaster of emotions as we arranged the details and got the trip logistics figured out.

The details didn’t come together until about a week before I left–including my plane ticket. Being a planner, I had a very strange sense of peace through all of this–which I knew could only be coming from the Lord.

After getting all the arrangements taken care of,  I finally headed out of the airport, saying goodbye to my family with a few fears, a little nervousness, and a small amount of excitement. However, as my final flight began to descend, I could not help but stare out the window at everything, taking in the beauty of the large areas of green grass and trees, the huge neighborhoods, the many bodies of water, and a very big change from my home in the Blue Ridge Mountains–the flatness.

The excitement inside of me grew more and more. It felt as though the nerves had gone away and the desire to pray and rely on God had immediately grown greatly. I am blown away by this area already and am so excited to be back in Texas and see how God is going to work in and around this community.

I ask for prayers as I head out into the work of this community. I cannot get through all the tasks of this summer without the prayers of others and the guidance of the Lord. Pray for my peace to remain as the tasks start to pile up including Impact, helping with the youth group, attending summer camp with the youth I haven’t met, and anything else that might arise while I am in Liberty.

Mallory Wohlford, a student at Virginia Tech, is serving this summer as a Venturer. Click here to learn more about the Venturer program, a mission initiative of BGAV.