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Holy Spirit, Rain Down

Posted: 6/3/20 at 2:30pm. Written by Kevin Meadows.

Kevin Meadows

I’m writing this on Monday, June 1 (I checked my calendar just to make sure). With all of my days seemingly running together, I know what today is because I know with certainty that yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. You know, that scary day of strange fires, rushing winds, and foreign, yet familiar, languages. I nor any church committee I know of could have pulled off a day when all heaven broke loose! And let’s be honest: would your church have the courage to attempt such an audacious, uncontrollable, dangerous, and transformative movement? (Let’s table this event until next year. All in favor say, “Aye.” Next order of business.)

As I celebrated the day virtually with my scattered congregation, our praise team sang these words, “Holy Spirit rain down, rain down, Oh, Comforter and Friend, How we need your touch again.” I have sung these familiar lyrics hundreds of times before. Yes, it was Pentecost Sunday, good choice of song, but something wasn’t right. Dare I say the Holy Spirit got a hold of me in my family room? My eyes began to well with tears, and I couldn’t sing anymore. My heart was hurting. All I could muster was a feeble, mumbled cry to God.

Perhaps like me, you’re there too; wracked with grief and pain. Maybe like me you’re overwhelmed by the plethora of ills plaguing our world. As if 2020 didn’t already demand a do-over of sorts, once again we find ourselves “racially distancing” because of injustices, bigotry, violence, hate…as if one plague isn’t enough, we have been forced to face, yet again, the fact of our systemic, viral, racial dis-ease. Quite a contrast to all heaven breaking loose, isn’t it?

“Let Your power fall, Let Your voice be heard, Come and change our hearts As we stand on Your word.” If ever there was a time we need Holy Spirit power to move in and among us, we need it today! Will we breathe deeply the powerful pneuma presence and kindle the fire of Christ’s love to witness and work for a better world? Merciful God, burn deeply within my bones to give me vision plus action. Loving Master, teach me to listen first and speak only healing and peace. Holy Spirit, blow heavenly winds through my presence to bring hope. Let us all–individuals and churches–find the courage to attempt such an audacious, uncontrollable, dangerous, and transformative movement. (What say you committee? All in favor say, “AMEN!”)

Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down

Oh, Comforter and Friend

How we need Your touch again Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down

Let Your power fall

Let Your voice be heard

Come and change our hearts

As we stand on Your Word

Holy Spirit, rain down

No eye has seen, no ear has heard

No mind can know what God has in store

So open up Heaven, open it wide

Over Your church and over our lives

Kevin Meadows is Senior Pastor of Grandin Court Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA and currently serves on the Executive Board of the BGAV.