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Meet Bob Dale: Mentor/Coach in Residence

Photo by Scott Lashinsky.

Posted: 5/2/2019 at 1:00pm. Article by Bob Dale.

My vision as a Minister in Residence is to provide personalized ministry resources for leaders and churches.  Two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes.

I serve as “a guide by the side” for leaders, walking with them as they face challenges and clarify their next steps.

A listening ear, courage to face our blind spots, humility to admit weaknesses, patience to explore new options, and willingness to test possibilities open our ministries to fresh ways for God to expand our faith and imagination. 

I work with leaders, including pastors, church staff ministers, and lay leaders, to resolve the issues they’re encountering. 

Transitions are often challenging, so an objective helper with a bit of emotional distance from the “blur of the moment” is a powerful resource.

I think the greatest strength I bring to this role is that I’ve “been there, done that” in churches of all sizes and types. I’ve been blessed with broad experience as a pastor, writer, professor, leader developer, consultant, futurist, and a coach—which helps me help others.

Once, the wife of a pastor I’d coached told me our coaching conversations had been “a holy reset” for her husband.  Ministry is a lonely calling.  Having someone to discern with you is a gift.

This post is part of a nine-part series introducing BGAV’s Ministers in Residence. If you are part of a BGAV-member congregation, you have numerous customized resources available to you! Ministers in Residence offer expert help and advice in specific areas of ministry. For member churches, BGAV provides the initial visit and assessment. If your church chooses to pursue more with that minister, we invite you to offer an honorarium and to cover his or her travel expenses. For more information, visit bgav.org/bgav/ministers-in-residence/. If your church isn’t part of BGAV but would like to be, visit https://bgav.org/churches/.