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Meet Chuck Warnock: Minister in Residence for Small Churches

Posted: 3/21/2019 at 2:20pm. Article by Chuck Warnock.

Since the vast majority of American churches, including those in the BGAV, are small churches with under 150 in attendance, my vision is to raise the profile of small churches in order to help small congregations engage effectively with their communities.

I am available to speak to churches, ministers’ groups, and associational gatherings; consult with individual small churches; coach small church pastors; and, connect small church pastors to our new small church pastors network which will launch soon.

I am currently a small church pastor, so I’m living the joys and challenges of small church life, and I’ve been doing that for over 30 years. I have also written extensively for and about small churches and presented workshops for small church conferences. Most recently I led two workshops for the BGAV titled, The Promising Future of Small Churches.

My favorite thing about being Minister in Residence for Small Churches, and being a small church pastor, is that there are so many of us! That’s an important thing to know because solo pastoral ministry can feel lonely at times. The reality is we are a mighty presence in the BGAV and the American church landscape.

I believe the two greatest challenges in small churches are related: addressing the decline in church attendance and helping small churches reinvent themselves for the 21st century.

When I was contributing editor for Small Church Issues for Outreach magazine, I wrote a regular column for each issue about small churches titled “Small Church, Big Impact.” I interviewed dozens of small churches who were making a difference by engaging their communities in innovative and helpful ways. As small churches tell their stories, other small churches will catch a vision of engagement with their own communities. My prayer is that we’ll all grow stronger as we work together!

This post is part of a nine-part series introducing BGAV’s Ministers in Residence. If you are part of a BGAV-member congregation, you have numerous customized resources available to you! Ministers in Residence offer expert help and advice in specific areas of ministry. For member churches, BGAV provides the initial visit and assessment. If your church chooses to pursue more with that minister, we invite you to offer an honorarium and to cover his or her travel expenses. For more information, visit bgav.org/bgav/ministers-in-residence/. If your church isn’t part of BGAV but would like to be, visit https://bgav.org/churches/.