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Meet Kim Eskridge: Minister in Residence for Children’s Ministry

Posted: 4/25/2019 at 12:45pm. Article by Kim Eskridge.

I believe that God is calling me to serve those in BGAV churches who are pointing children and their parents to Christ. I hope that God will work through me to encourage these ministry leaders, to support them through sharing resources, and to build a supportive community throughout the BGAV for those who minister to children and families.

I hope to be an encourager and a connector between people called to children’s and family ministry to resources, as well as to each other.

Many of the ministries to children and families in our BGAV churches are lay-led. I hope to be a resource for lay leaders as well as for children’s ministers, pastors, and others on staff in our churches.

I feel that I will always be learning how to better share biblical truth and the love of our Lord with children, but God has provided me with many years of experience with children through volunteering in children’s ministry in churches of various sizes, teaching in the public school system, directing a weekday preschool ministry, leading my church’s ministry to children and families for the past 13 years, and through mentoring children’s leaders who are just beginning their ministries.

Children are amazing! Watching them learn and seeing their openness is a reminder to me to approach God with my arms wide open, ready to learn and to fully embrace His love for each of us. I love calling others to see this.

Recruiting people to teach and nurture our children is an ongoing challenge in almost every church. Today, the rapid pace of moral and cultural shifts in our society is a challenge to families and to local churches that seek to walk with families through these times.

This post is part of a nine-part series introducing BGAV’s Ministers in Residence. If you are part of a BGAV-member congregation, you have numerous customized resources available to you! Ministers in Residence offer expert help and advice in specific areas of ministry. For member churches, BGAV provides the initial visit and assessment. If your church chooses to pursue more with that minister, we invite you to offer an honorarium and to cover his or her travel expenses. For more information, visit bgav.org/bgav/ministers-in-residence/. If your church isn’t part of BGAV but would like to be, visit https://bgav.org/churches/.