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Meet Roger Roller: Minister in Residence for Evangelism

Posted: 5/16/2019 at 1:20pm. Article by Roger Roller.

I would like to see each church have a goal for the number of baptisms they hope to reach in a calendar year, and that goal needs to be a challenging one.

I would like to see pastors reclaim an excitement for reaching the lost people in their communities. I hope to be a resource for any churches struggling in the area of evangelism.

I can help pastors with offering effective invitations, and I can answer questions about preaching evangelistic messages. I offer insights about counseling Christians and non-Christians who come forward during the invitation, and I can provide counsel to churches who want to become more evangelistic.

I’m glad to answer questions about witness training and evangelism in general, and I can also help churches secure a speaker for evangelistic events such as revivals.

I was a pastor for nine years and am now in my 27th year as a full-time, vocational evangelist. I have led about 700 revivals, and evangelism has been my heartbeat all these years. My passion for evangelism began at our state evangelism conference in Richmond in 1986.

There is no greater thrill or reward in life than seeing someone led to Christ.

There is no greater thrill or reward in life than seeing someone led to Christ. Helping pastors and churches experience that same feeling makes it all worthwhile. My favorite thing about my position is I am in my wheelhouse. This where God has gifted me.

Evangelism has been put on the back burner in a number of churches. Baptisms across Virginia have been declining for several years. The focus for many churches has moved to other areas. We might say it has not, but the numbers say differently. Talking about it and doing it are two different things.

One of the common things I run into in my line of work is that a good number of pastors are discouraged and feel they have no one to turn to. I try to encourage every pastor I talk with about evangelism to keep being faithful and leave the results up to God. Often I have a conversation with the pastor’s spouse to see what they may be dealing with and to offer encouragement. They are the unsung heroes in many churches.

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