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Meet Tom Ingram: Minister in Residence for Traditional Worship/Church Music

Posted: 5/9/2019 at 1:00pm. Article by Tom Ingram.

I hope to assist churches as they try to reach out to their communities through music and worship, and to assist churches that are searching for staff or are having staff or worship struggles.

I often work with church lay leaders, staff ministers/pastors, and church members.

I have been in ministry for 45 years as a church musician and educator, and I have assisted both large and small churches in various personnel situations, worship style transitions, and interim positions.

I love to see how God has touched churches and individuals, as they seek him and his will.

A challenge I see in many churches today is when long-term Ministers of Music are dealing with new directions in worship and working with pastors that are often significantly younger than they are. Seeking new musical staff, whether in large or small churches, is also challenging.

Other areas I address include dealing with staff transitions, a varying style and vision direction between pastor and staff, mentoring younger musical staff as they seek to meaningfully minister to their community, and assisting churches and staff musicians as they seek to make their worship more energetic and meaningful within the context of their communities.


This post is part of a nine-part series introducing BGAV’s Ministers in Residence. If you are part of a BGAV-member congregation, you have numerous customized resources available to you! Ministers in Residence offer expert help and advice in specific areas of ministry. For member churches, BGAV provides the initial visit and assessment. If your church chooses to pursue more with that minister, we invite you to offer an honorarium and to cover his or her travel expenses. For more information, visit bgav.org/bgav/ministers-in-residence/. If your church isn’t part of BGAV but would like to be, visit https://bgav.org/churches/.