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Mission Development Staff Additions

Posted: 1/7/20 at 3:30pm. 

Our Mission Development staff has made some changes in 2020 that will enable us to provide ongoing missions opportunities in better ways for you and your congregation. We are excited to announce one new full-time addition along with several part-time positions that have been created or redefined in this reorganization which took effect on January 1.

Mikayla Barnes

Mikayla Barnes is serving as Communications and Volunteer Coordinator. In this full-time role, she helps volunteers get the information they need to get on the field for Impact! Mission Camps, Disaster Response (DR), and other national mission opportunities as needed. She will facilitate communications and marketing efforts for all areas within Mission Development. Mikayla has been involved with Impact! for 11 years, beginning as a student volunteer, working on summer staff, and serving most recently as on-site coordinator.

Matthew Combee is the DR Operations Coordinator. In this part-time role, he will manage the operations center during active disasters and train upper-level DR leadership. Matthew was on staff with Impact! for six years and has also served as a DR volunteer.

Butch Meredith is the Construction Coordinator. In this part-time role, Butch will coordinate construction for Impact! and long-term recovery for future disaster responses. He will train construction volunteers and also help establish strategic partnerships with trade organizations. In the past, Butch was a construction coordinator for Impact! and the Source of Light Center in Haiti, and he also coordinated several efforts after hurricane Sandy on the Eastern Shore for both Impact! and DR.

Travis Gallahan is the National Missions Fleet Coordinator. In this part-time role, he will manage the physical assets of Impact! and DR, including our shower trailers, feeding units, recovery trailers, etc. He will also train the teams who manage the units during active disasters. Travis has worked with DR in past years in various capacities.

Kristen Curtis will serve as Training and Chaplaincy Coordinator. Kristen’s part-time role recently shifted from volunteer coordination for DR (which will now be managed by Mikayla Barnes) to focus on volunteer and chaplain training. She has served with DR since she coordinated volunteer efforts in Appomattox following the tornadoes there in 2016.

For more information about our mission initiatives and how you or your church can be involved, visit https://bgav.org/glocal-initiatives/.

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