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BGAV Mission Grants

by Dean Miller

Since March 23, 2020 the BGAV has distributed a total of $116,750 in micro-grants to 119 churches to assist with their community response to the COVID-19 crisis.  The majority of these grants have come from BGAV Virginia Hunger funds ($100,750 to 103 churches) and been distributed to every region of the state.  The remaining funds came from a $25,000 grant that the BGAV received from the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond.  These funds are limited to churches within a certain geographic region ($16,000 to 16 Central Virginia Churches).  There are still funds available for this grant.

The majority of churches have used these funds to restock their over stressed food pantries and others have partnered with school systems, fire departments, and other community partners to provide food to those in need.  Many have used the funds to provide masks to their communities or have found other ways to impact their communities.  We have been impressed with the creativity that some churches have had when utilizing these funds.  We are hoping that an influx of new funds from the Alma Hunt State Missions Offering will bring even more creativity and opportunity for churches to reach their communities with the love of Christ.


Ways You Can Respond and/or Request Help

Complete any or all of the forms below as indicated, and we will respond as is appropriate.

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