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Monday Musings: John Chandler, Welcoming Churches, Dying Churches, & Encouragement

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Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! Below we have listed a handful of articles collected from over the weekend that may be of interest. Feel free to share!

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The Discipline of the Writing Life – A Writers Write Interview with John Chandler

Our very own Dr. John Chandler released three new books. Learn more about John, his writing process, and his books in this excellent interview. [Read the full interview]

Autopsy of a Deceased Church: 11 Things I Learned
[Thom S. Rainer]

I was their church consultant in 2003. The church’s peak attendance was 750 in 1975. By the time I got there the attendance had fallen to an average of 83. The large sanctuary seemed to swallow the relatively small crowd on Sunday morning.

The reality was that most of the members did not want me there. They were not about to pay a consultant to tell them what was wrong with their church…. [Read the full article]

Discovering Your Potential
[Tony Brooks, VBMB]

Recently I read about the “Parable of the Pencil” in Joseph Shushko’s book which I mentioned last week. He gives credit for the parable to R. Brault. Perhaps you can share this with your class sometime to help them realize their potential…. [Read the full article]

A garden center, a sign, and the missional church
[Alan Rudnik]

My parents used to tell me that first impressions matter. So my mom always kept a very clean house in the chance someone came to visit or if I or my sister brought a friend home unexpectedly from school. My dad always keep the cars clean and the yard mowed. We always had clean clothes and reasonable times between haircuts. Probably not much different from your family.

Organizations also present “first impressions” with their buildings, employees who welcome, or the cleanliness of the facility. The front door might be one of the most important features of these organizations. Here are a few front doors I have come across in Midwest stores recently…. [Read the full article]