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Monday Musings: June 10, 2013

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Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! Below we have listed a handful of articles collected from over the weekend that may be of interest. Feel free to share!

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Catch up on the Q&A’s with Ross Clifford!
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Ross Clifford, this year’s keynote speaker at the annual BGAV meeting in Fredericksburg, has answered several questions leading up to the meeting. Tomorrow we will publish his fourth installment.

Catch up on the last three today!

With new partnerships, Bluefield College aims to better equip ministry leaders
[Religious Herald]

Go Christian Leaders Link and Bluefield!

Bluefield College is partnering with the Christian Leaders Link and the Network for Theological Education to train and better equip ministers and laypersons for more effective ministry and leadership in churches and communities.

The college signed agreements with both of the ministry training organizations recently to develop and implement accredited certificate and degree-completion programs of foundational biblical and theological training accessible to Christian leaders typically unable to participate in the more traditional residential programs….

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Christians, Their Media Portrayal & Myth
[Relevant Magazine]

…Glass goes on to say many groups in America feel the media covers them poorly, but Christians seem to get it “especially bad.” He says while makingThis American Life, he noticed many television shows and movies would depict Christians “as these hot-head, crazy people.” This depiction didn’t match his own experience with Christians he knew personally.

“The Christians in my life were all incredibly wonderful and thoughtful and had very ambiguous, complicated feelings in their beliefs. And seemed to be totally generous-hearted and totally open to a lot of different kinds of people in their lives,” he says….

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Love the Lord with All Your Voice
[Christianity Today]

“Singing is a forgotten—but essential—spiritual discipline:”

We eat because we are hungry; we sleep because we are tired. But there are many other things we do without a clear sense of why we do them. Each year I teach a course on theological aesthetics, and one of the questions I pose at the beginning of the semester is, “Why do human beings sing?”

Many answers are given: We sing to mark important occasions, to pass time while working, to simply enjoy ourselves. We could also give rationales based in history, sociology, psychology, or biology. But my students answer with a fair degree of unanimity. “We sing,” they say, “to express how we feel….”

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