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Monday Musings: June 17, 2013


Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! Below we have listed a handful of articles collected from over the weekend that may be of interest. Feel free to share!

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3 Things Churches LOVE That KILL Outreach

All churches love certain things. Some love fellowship, some worship, some prayer. Those are good loves. Some are neutral loves. Some are not. Other churches love their building, their history or their strategy.

Those can be good or bad, depending on what we mean by love and how we value those things. But, some things that churches love hurt their mission and hinder their call. Here are three I’ve observed from my work with thousands of churches….

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Why is the Pope so Popular?
[Relevant Magazine]

Last Friday morning, the newly elected pope met with Jesuit students of all ages. In a brief Q&A session, a little girl asked Francis if he wanted to be the pope. He made a few jokes before getting serious and flatly saying, “I didn’t want to be pope.”

Ever since his election, Pope Francis has taken a series of actions that seem to be very, well, un-popelike: He used public transportation as a cardinal, he lives in smaller quarters than he could and he asked for a blessing before giving a blessing to the crowd which gathered in St. Peter’s square on the day of his election.

What is stranger than Pope Francis’ actions has been evangelicals’ reactions. Never before has a pope become so widely accepted by Protestants and evangelicals. In a recent Op-Ed for Christianity Today, Timothy George called the new pope, “Our Francis, Too….”

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SBC pastor preaches mental health

Compared to Southern Baptist Convention resolutions on the Boy Scouts and protection of children from sex predators, the one urging churches to develop intentional, compassionate ministries for the mentally ill got scant attention from local and national media.

But it wasn’t overlooked by Ronnie Floyd, an Arkansas pastor who’s become a passionate advocate for mental health in the wake of national and personal tragedies involving psychological disorders….

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The Sunday Sports Dilemma
[Christianity Today]

A few weeks ago, our son’s baseball team played its last inning, and his coach walked to the bleachers. He wanted to nominate our son for the all-star team. It’s a thrill for any boy who loves the game like ours does: a chance for a summer’s worth of at-bats, dugout chatter, travel to other towns, and improved skills.

With games on Sundays.

This was the first time our family had to confront the issue of Sunday sports, but, with three athletic children, it won’t be the last. Pastors say children’s sports have become the biggest challenge to church attendance for American families….

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Why Your Theology Needs Unchurched Teenagers
[Jeff Brodie]

Experts are studying and writing about the number of students who are walking away from their faith. It’s an important issue. But today I want to focus on the power of reaching students, not just keeping them.

Over my time in ministry I’ve always tried to regularly make time on my calendar to personally invest in one or two students who have no church background….

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Glorieta sold to camping group

LifeWay Christian Resources has found a buyer for the Glorieta Conference Center dedicated to continue use of the 2,100-acre property near Santa Fe, N.M., as a Christian camp, the Southern Baptist Convention publisher announced June 13.

A group of Christian businessmen and camping professionals funded and formed a new nonprofit corporation called Glorieta 2.0 to purchase the camp put up for sale two years ago after losing money 24 of the last 25 years….

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