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Monday Musings, June 3, 2013

Virginia Baptist Mission Board

Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! Below we have listed a handful of articles collected from over the weekend that may be of interest. Feel free to share!

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When Your Church Should Be UNIQUE (and When It Shouldn’t)

…In the same way, we must be careful that our churches do not drift from the core of who we are. We must continually ensure that what we offer our people and our communities deeply matches how God has reconciled us to Himself and who God has formed us to be….

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Blessing through Spoken Word
[Tony Brooks, VBMB – Tony’s Topic]

Today I want to talk about the power of the spoken word as a ministry in your Sunday School/small groups. The Bible is pretty clear that the spoken word has great power. In Genesis, we read that God spoke the world into existence. Isaac spoke a blessing to Jacob that he could not take back, and give to Esau. Once a word has been spoken, it cannot be taken back! Our preschoolers, children, youth and adults need to hear grace-filled words from us.

What you say matters! We have an awesome responsibility as teachers. Are we helping people grow in their faith through our words, or squelching their desire to learn how to be in relationship with God?

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Where is your church going on mission? 

We asked that question this weekend on our Facebook page. We’ve heard from several folks. Russia, Standing Rock, Dominican Republic, and the Eastern Shore are just a few places. We’d love to hear from you! Hop over to Facebook and let us know!

N.C. disaster response units at work in Oklahoma; Va., D.C. Baptists monitoring developments
[Religious Herald]

Baptist disaster response teams in North Carolina headed to Oklahoma May 23 in the wake of the massive tornado there, while Virginia and District of Columbia teams remained on alert May 30.

The May 20 storm pulverized Moore, an Oklahoma City suburb, killing 24 people, destroying homes and businesses, severely damaging a hospital and two elementary schools, and injuring hundreds. The storm was ranked as an EF-5, the most powerful category for tornadoes, with winds exceeding 200 miles per hour….

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4 Spiritual Disciplines Pastors Miss the Most

The terms spiritual disciplines and spiritual formation practices have taken center stage in many churches and pastors’ conversations today. Essentially they refer to what we do to build healthy souls. And we all want that. They serve as means to an end, to become more like Jesus, not as ends in themselves. And the most common ones include Bible reading, fasting, and prayer.

While I believe that most pastors somewhat regularly practice the main ones, I have a hunch that we may often unintentionally miss these four. As you read each one, ask yourself when you last practiced it….

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