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Monday Musings: Memorial Day Edition


Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! Below we have listed a handful of articles collected from over the weekend that may be of interest. Feel free to share!

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Why Suburban Poverty Is Less Visible and More Insidious
[The Atlantic Cities]

…There is a land-use component to the shape of poverty (and the kinds of solutions we can build to address it): Poor people who are spread out from each other, and from the kinds of services that grow up to serve concentrated poverty, have the least resources of all….

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10 Attributes New Leaders MUST Have
[Church Leaders]

One of the most important tasks of a leader is to identify potential new leaders. If a church or organization is to grow, finding new leaders is critical.

Equally vital is the quality of leaders being discovered. Good leaders learn to look for qualities in people that are conducive to good leadership….

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Gannon Sims: Jesus is Sharing Us
[Fresh Expressions US Blog]

…There’s a sense of urgency in this painting that must be our sense of urgency. We know from the parables of Jesus that seeds are sown with no guarantee that they will  fall on good soil. But we sow anyway. In the Gospel of John Chapter 9, Jesus calls his followers “to work while it is still day, for night is coming when no one can work.” We’ve got to face up to the reality that our time is limited. Life is short.

If we say we are followers of Jesus we know the way that leads to life. It’s the way of sowing and reaping; hoping and praying for the harvest to come….

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Why Jesus is a Great Place for Spiritual Seekers to Start Their Quest
[JR Woodward]

As we live our life on mission, seeking to join God in the renewal of all things, how can we help the spiritual seekers around us? Where is the best place to start?

We first need to ask good questions and listen. There is a reason that God gave us two ears and one mouth. He wants us to take time to listen to those around us….

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