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Monday Musings – Salaries, Warning Signs, Communication, & Hospital Visits


Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! Below we have listed a handful of articles collected from over the weekend that may be of interest. Feel free to share!

Pastors and Pay: A How-To Guide for Negotiating Your Salary
[ChurchLeaders – h/t Ken Kessler]

It seems awfully unspiritual to talk about pastoral remuneration, especially during the candidating process.

After all, if the Lord wants you to minister somewhere, hasn’t he promised to provide for you? And didn’t George Mueller pray meals to the front door of his orphanage? Why waste time on the temporal?

That’s a good question with a surprisingly simple answer: If you do not provide for your family, you cannot be a pastor…. [Read the full article]

7 Warning Signs Your Church Staff Is In Trouble
[Vanderbloemen Search Group – h/t @StevePerky]

The caliber of your church staff is crucial to the long-term health of your church. Honing your ability as a leader and your church staff’s ability to operate as a high functioning team takes work, but the payoff will prove beneficial for the development of your church’s community.

We sometimes have blinders on when we look at our own church staff. We’re there day in and day out, trying to stay above water as we deal with the urgent matters before us each day…. [Read the full article]

How to Do a Communications Self-Audit
[Church Marketing Sucks – h/t Nathan White]

Before we talk about how we should probably talk about why. Regular, scheduled, self-audits are important for a lot of reasons, but for our purposes I’m going to focus on three: Consistency….Vision Leaks….Effectiveness…. [Read the full article]

Five Things I Learned in the Hospital
[Chuck Warnock, Pastor of Chatham Baptist Church, Chatham, VA]

With my almost 3-week hospital stay behind me, I realized there are several things I learned from the experience….Of course, I learned more than 5 things while in the hospital and maybe I’ll share some of those later. But for now, these are things that can enhance your hospital ministry whether you’re a pastor or concerned church member. [Read the full article]