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Monday Musings: September 16, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! We pray that the articles below will spur your brain into gear. As always, a link isn’t an endorsement, but we do endorse asking questions. Please feel free to share!

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Don’t Waste Your Time Partnering With Parents
Jeff Brodie

Jeff offers both a provocative and prophetic word:

When it comes to partnering with parents, as ministries there are a number of ways we can end up wasting our time. We can waste our time in

1. How we communicate
2. What we say to our parents.

One of the things we’ve learned is that information often gets tuned out, but strategy gets tuned in….

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How To Become a Great Parent Before You Have Kids
Relevant Magazine

Great thoughts to keep in mind!

…Almost everything I know about parenting could not have been taught to me in a book or a class, but came with experience. All of those fond memories I recall about that first year are a constant reminder to me that a lot of parenting is about dealing with the unexpected and trying to innovate in the moment.

Because no matter how many books you read or how many times your friends with kids give you advice. No matter how many cool accessories you pick up on your endless trips to Babies “R” Us, you are never prepared for many things when it comes to being a parent….

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Pros & Cons of Multi-Site Church Ministry
Vanderbolemen Search Group

With several of our churches recently opening new campuses, this article caught our eye:

More and more churches are jumping on the multi-site church bandwagon. The pioneers of the multi-site church movement include video venue pioneers like Lifechurch.tv, Fellowship Church, Willow Creek, North Point, and Central Christian Las Vegas.

How have these churches had success engaging attendees and discipling them in the multi-site movement?

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How to Pray for Your City
Christianity Today

A great story on the necessity of prayer:

…Bringing about meaningful change in any metropolitan community requires leaders who understand the stubborn facts peculiar to their city. It also requires an unwavering resolve to address those stubborn facts. Eventually the changes wrought can result in elevating an entire nation….

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Faith and Values: Does giving help or hinder?
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Rev. Aaron Lee, missions pastor at Gayton Baptist Church, penned a great column a few weeks ago. If you haven’t read it already, you don’t want to miss it:

…Much of our generosity is one-way giving and expects nothing of the recipient. This hurts their growth and their potential, and we do not allow good habits to develop as they seek to provide for their families.

Why do we continue to expect so little growth? The way we give usually requires little commitment and attention from us. We give this way because it is easy.

Development is hard work, but we can lead a movement in our city. With this hard work, we can change our city and make a deeper impact through our generosity….

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