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New Churches & Initiatives

Through visionary leadership and passionate individuals, new churches and initiatives have an opportunity to share the Gospel with those in their community. See how you can be involved with a new church or initiative.

The V3 Movement

v3 logoV3 is a God-inspired vision for a movement of multiplying gospel communities across Virginia and beyond that leads to a significant number of new people becoming followers of Christ.

Visit TheV3Movement.org to learn more.

New Church Starts

New Church Starts are new churches that intentionally reach a specific focus, affinity, or people group. Find out more about New Church Starts.

Fresh Expressions

fresh expressions logoFresh Expressions encourages new expressions of church for a fast changing world.  These new Christian communities come into being through principles of listening, serving, incarnational mission, and making disciples. They have the potential to become a mature expression of church shaped by both the Gospel and the culture it is trying to reach.

Visit FreshExpressionsUS.org to learn more.

Multi-Site Ministries

Interested in launching new church sites in multiple locations across Virginia? We can help by providing resources, coaching and training to help you launch new sites. Learn more about Multi-Site Ministries and how we can help.