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New Church Starts

Interested in starting new church that intentionally reaches a specific focus, affinity, or people group in Virginia? We can help by providing:

  • Strategy Planning: Assessing and discerning the vision, mission, core values, and strategic plans of the proposed new church start.
  • Church Planter Assessment: participating in a personal behavioral interview process which includes an electronic summary report.
  • Contextualized Training: Introducing timeless principles concerning the successful launching of new, multiplying churches to church planting team reflecting both biblical truths and responsible business practices and can be adapted to different cultural, socio–economic, and language groups.
  • Relationship and Resource Development: Offering contextualized training, networking opportunities, associational connections, coaching and mentoring, strategic partnerships, and financial support.
  • Opportunities for Multiplication: Facilitating a church multiplication movement by identifying and accessing new and relevant technologies, competencies, and knowledge from church leaders emerging in locations across Virginia and beyond.


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Team Operations Administrator, Growth-Venture Staff
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