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Multi-Site Ministries

Interested in launching new church sites in multiple locations across Virginia? We can help by providing resources, coaching and training to help you launch new sites. Contact us for more information.


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The reports below will give you a deeper foundational understanding of Multi-Site Ministries and what this means for your church.

Extending Your Church

The success of … multi-site ventures has changed the context for ministry…. A growing number of churches today … continue as one congregation with one staff, one treasury, one membership roster, one governing board and one name (it may be Bethany East and Bethany West, or Trinity North and Trinity South), but with three or four or five or six or seven or eight worship services every weekend. This report contains insights designed to help church leaders who are looking for fresh ways to reach more people and different people for Christ. If your church is exploring or experimenting with alternative venues such as digital church, extension sites, video-café congregations, multiple campuses, satellite ministries, or other variations that go beyond your main worship area or main campus, then keep reading. You will find much help in this material. The research behind this report draws on the experience of twelve pioneering churches selected to participate in a Multi-site Leadership Community. These leadership communities are sponsored by Leadership Network, a Dallas-based foundation whose mission is to accelerate the effectiveness of the Church by identifying, connecting, and resourcing strategic leaders.

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Multi-Site Report

On September 11, 2001, Leadership Network held its first forum for multi-site churches. This special report contains some observations from the approaches shared there, as well as some staff research conducted in preparation for the forum. Participants were from churches that:

  • were already using multiple sites in their church
  • had already attempted the idea but abandoned it
  • planned to implement a multi-site approach within the next year.

In spite of the events of September 11, about 65 leaders attended the Forum. This report is based on Dave Travis’ (Senior Vice President, Programming) reflections from the conversations, surveys and other information provided by participants.

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[PDF, 66 KB]