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News & Notes from the April Board Meeting


We just wrapped our semi-annual Mission Board meeting today. Board members traveled from all parts of the Commonwealth to consider the business and work of the VBMB. Virginia Baptists should be proud and excited about everything that’s happening.

Presentations were made to the group at-large by the Treasurer, Executive Director, and the President. Board members broke up into committee meetings and heard reports from staff and partners.

A couple actions by the Board will help the Source of Light Center in Haiti. They include:

  • Children at the Source of Light Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti$6,000 per year for up to 3 years to plant a church in Haiti in conjunction with the Haiti Baptist Convention and the Source of Light Center.
  • The Source of Light Center will also receive $15,000 to fund a music school, sports activities, and other extracurricular activities for the children.

If you’re not familiar with the great work at the Source of Light Center, please click here to learn more. You may also watch a quick video of these sweet children singing.

Other highlights include:

  • Eagle Eyrie reported that they recently installed a new commercial playground. They will commission it this summer.
  • $16,000 will go to assist Lebanese Baptists responding to the Syrian Crisis. The money will be used to feed refugees as well as offer spiritual and recreational camps and equipment for children and youth in the refugee camps.
  • $10,000 was approved to help the Lott Carey Baptist School in purchasing computer and software for their registrar and administrative offices.
  • Committee budgets were discussed and recommendations were made to the BGAV Budget committee.

John Upton helped close out the meeting by sharing a couple of stories of Virginia Baptists working for the Kingdom. Board members saw a preview of a video about Fairview Baptist Church partnering with a local business for 30 years to host an oyster roast fundraiser. Watch the video below:

We are excited and blessed to be part of the Kingdom work across Virginia and the world.