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Kristin Marker: On the Road Again

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Posted: 6/11/16 at 12:35pm. Blogpost by Kristin Marker

As I take a break from packing, I can’t help but think of what led me to this mission opportunity. These past few years, I have enjoyed using my summers to travel and help others. While growing up, I watched my grandmother travel the world as a missionary. I always dreamed of going on a mission trip with her so that I could see the impact she had on others instead of just hearing about it when she returned. When I first got the chance to go with her, we went to the same location that I will be serving in this summer.

My home church, Kenbridge Baptist Church, took a group to the Southwest Virginia Partnership in Nickelsville for two years while I was in high school. This past year, I just happened to flip through a packet of BGAV summer mission opportunities while at James Madison University’s BCM center.

When I saw the placement in Southwest Virginia, I knew I had to go back.

When I saw the placement in Southwest Virginia, I knew I had to go back. I loved working with the individuals in my groups, as well as Jan and Tony, while serving the community in multiple ways. Our groups helped with construction, bible school, and the local food pantry.

This trip will differ from my last two in that I will be helping with more of the background work instead of working on the mission sites every day. I am not exactly sure what all this will entail, but I am going in with an open mind and trusting that God will use me to further his kingdom. I am excited to get a different perspective of missions while working more being the scenes.

Each week I will get the chance to work with new groups on new mission sites. I am always amazed by how well groups come together on mission trips to serve collectively. This reminds me of Romans 15:15-16 which says, “Now may the God of endurance and comfort give you unity with one another in accordance with Christ Jesus, so that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I pray that God will guide each group that comes to Nickelsville this summer, and that He will be glorified in everything we do. I pray that these groups see the difference they make in others’ lives during the various projects they complete. Lastly, I pray that when these groups return home, they continue to find ways to serve our Lord.

Kristin Marker will be serving with the Southwest Virginia Partnership in Nickelsville. She will help support the community’s construction needs by assisting in volunteer projects, helping to provide logistical arrangements, and/or purchasing the needed materials for each project. Kristin, a junior at James Madison University, is a member of Kenbridge Baptist Church and attends Harrisonburg Baptist Church while away at school.

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  1. We look forward to having you with us again. God has used the Partnership to bring so many wonderful people to our area that we otherwise would not likely have met. Hopefully they all leave with the understanding that we greatly appreciate all they give to those they serve here, and richly blessed by their time with the wonderful people of our area.