When a Class/Small Group Member Faces a Life-changing Illness: Four Questions to Ask

There are many differences based on generational issues, political issues and socio-economic classes in our churches. There is one thing we all yearn for…a community that cares in times of need. This is especially true when someone is facing a serious, life-changing disease such as cancer. As a Sunday School class or small group, how can we best show that we care?

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District Fellows Visit and Learn About Virginia Baptists

District Fellows on their RVA tour (photo credit: Tia Enis) Posted: 6/10/19 at 12:20pm. Post by Tee Feyrer. Recently, I and the rest of the District Fellows from The District Church in D.C. had a wonderful visit to Richmond to meet with folks at the BGAV. We have been generously supported by the BGAV and are so thankful for your …

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The Best Book Ever

They say that familiarity breeds contempt; the more we are around someone or something, the more we fail to notice the value of that person or thing. We take many of the people and things that we have become familiar with for granted.One of the things we take for granted is the existence of the Bible, which God has given and preserved, so we can understand God, life, death, salvation, and wisdom through its contents.   

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