The Missing Ingredient of Thanksgiving

Some of the best meals are somewhat simple in their contents, but when prepared with love and slow-cooked with time-tested techniques, they become the food of kings. Several months ago we watched a television show where the chef sought to discover the secret ingredients of traditional meals—sometimes still prepared over open fires, or slow-cooked. His discovery is summarized in this statement: “Time is the missing ingredient in our cooking today.” And there is much truth to this statement.

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Upton Celebrates and Challenges Virginia Baptists in Executive Director’s Report

During the Tuesday morning session of the 196th Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV), John Upton continued the meeting’s theme, “Renew,” in his executive director’s report. He thanked God for all he has done in this past year and for the exciting places he is leading BGAV in the future. Upton highlighted BGAV’s continued involvement in theological education, plans for the future of BGAV, and the ending of the “More Than Nets” missions partnership.

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BWA World Congress: Rio 2020

Virginia Baptists are invited to attend the quinquennial BWA World Congress wvwnt, Rio 2020, from July 22-26 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thousands of Baptists from across the globe will gather for five days of worship, fellowship, communion, and service. There is no other event quite like it!

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